Doushinkan Karatedo Federation

Doushinkan Karatedo Federation stresses the importance of courtesy, self-discipline, respect and personal achievement through hard training.


The Douushinkan Kartedo Renmei (Shorin Line of Karate-do) was only recently brought to Japan (1961), being of Okinawa origin. The aim of this school through its philosophy and practice is the cultivation of peace within society.

Listen to soundless voices. Look at shapeless structures.

Thus, sharpen an insight.


Karate Dojo in Shin-Urayasu

There are four karate classes (dojo) in Shin-Urayasu.We are Doushinkan Karatedo Federation. All ages, adults and kids, can learn karate. Welcome beginners.

You will learn Kata and full contact style of Kumite wearing protection equipment. 

Please come and see us at dojo. Try karate training! 


Some of the Black Belts can speak English.

Karate Dojo in Shinurayasu


Akemi Karate Dojo  (Shinurayasu)

Day/Time: Sunday 9:00am to 11:00am

Location: Akemi Elementary School Gym (2-13-4 Akemi, Urayasu, Chiba)


Urayasu Minami Karate Dojo  (Shinurayasu)

Day/Time: Sunday 11:00am to 13:00pm

Location: Takasu Elementary School Gym (4-2 Takasu, Urayasu, Chiba)


Hinode Karate Dojo  (Shinurayasu)

Day/Time: Sunday 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Location: Hinode Elementary School Gym (3-1-1 Hinode, Urayasu, Chiba)


Fujimi Karate Dojo   (Shinurayasu)

Day/Time: Wednesday 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: Horie Junior High School Martial Arts-Gym (2-19-1 Fujimi, Urayasu, Chiba)


The time and place may be changed due to unexpected reasons such as temporary construction, so please check “IMPORTANT NOTICE" 

Registration & Fees

We offer a once only registration fee and do not require an annual membership fee.

Registration Fee: 3,000 yen

Students will be expected to pay normal training fees monthly in advance.

Training Fee per Month: 3,000 yen. You can attend any of these dojos as many times as you like. 


If you are interested in joining our school, please send us an email or just come to Dojo to find out more.  

When you come to dojo, please wear clothes that are easy to move and bring some drinking water for yourself.

No appointment necessary.





Shinichiro Oku, 4th Dan


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If you are interested in joining our school, please send us an email or just come to Dojo to find out more. 

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